Rodney's Raptors

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Educate. Encourage. Excite.
Helping Our Youth Soar!

Learn about the colorful history surrounding the sport of falconry. Meet our hawks and falcons while experiencing what it is like to hold a live bird of prey! Excitement soars with an interactive education program for adults and children of all ages.

An ancient sport, Falconry is the keeping and training of birds of prey. Raptors are birds of prey that include eagles, hawks, owls, osprey and falcons. Injuries are routinely caused by cars, electrical wires, habitat loss and myriad stresses of living among humans.  

The falconry program is designed to educate and expose youth and other interested groups in raptors. You can learn to make traps, jesses and anklets during our four week class. Certification is available upon completion in the care of animals and entry level vet skills. This is a great way to expose today’s youth to nature and the love of birds.

Through this connection is an inspiring reconnection to self and youth rehabilitation.  The Rapture Program introduces youth to new learning experiences and social engagement with peers. The organization integrates environmental education and promotes the social and emotional competence of children through structured recreational activities, positive social engagement, and learning opportunities outside of the classroom.


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